Authorized Usage

Optimize your fleet to its intended use

Providing vehicles to staff is a significant investment, one you want to optimize the use of in the execution of your business.  The System stores virtually second by second trip history, letting you re-create any trips and break them down based on customizable criteria – for example time spend driving versus time spend at actual customer appointments.

In case your company has a take-home policy, the system lets you setup work schedules and automatically check for after-hours and weekend usage. This area is often overlooked regarding ensuring proper definitions, process and documentation, usually either as well-meaning “we trust you” gesture.

Because of this however – incidents can result in bad surprises for your employees and your company. While you might have meant well, you are exposing yourself and your employee to possible insurance risks and tax liabilities.

There are plenty of examples where lax policies have resulted in major financial pain – i.e. when the corporate insurance company declines to cover accident damage during a weekend vehicle use, or where a tax audit assesses several years’ worth of back-taxes when for lack of a vehicle use policy its deemed a taxable benefit – where in fact the employee might have not even been able to enjoy such benefit.