Automate Fuel Tax Filings

Cut the paperwork out of your fuel tax filings

Not all companies running fleets are subject to fuel taxes. Fuel tax filing is also an issue decoupled from HOS, however companies requiring their drivers to keep HOS logs often also file fuel tax reports.

Capturing the required data via paper process is a significant burden as one needs to track the exact details of where fuel was purchases and where vehicles have actually been driving. This consumes both administrative and driver time to complete and monitor the paperwork.

Typical fleets report drivers are spending between 10 and 15 minutes every day filling in fuel tax paperwork and administrative staff in the office need another 0.5 to 1 FTE’s daily per 150-200 trucks.

In addition, having your reports complete, accurate, and electronically submitted on time every month will ensure your fuel-tax rebates arrive back sooner in your bank-account, therefore improving cash flow as it relates to one of the biggest expenditures.

Penalties for inaccurate fuel-tax reporting can be very expensive and companies filing manual records take a significant risk in doing so. Worse, once inaccuracies attract you a fuel tax audit, it is hard to predict how long and costly the resulting audit will be. Telematics real-time data provides not only the data for summary filing, but also in case of an audit, you can simple “deep-dive” into your data base for any specific situation that might require more detailed information.