Out-Of-Route Mileage Can Have a Big Impact

Just like the old adage that time is money, for fleet vehicles, mileage fits into that equation just as much as time does.

Are you getting the most out of your fleet?

Keeping accurate measurements regarding route miles, out of route miles and comparing them to things such as idle times, time spent on logs and time spent on IFTA can be a helpful indicator of where you are losing potential income. The first step in saving you money is creating a baseline measurement so you will know which areas you need to be working on to get the most out of your fleet and keeping more money in your pocket.

It is estimated that nearly 10% of the mileage incurred on North American commercial vehicles is out of route mileage. Those numbers can seriously impact your expenses and result in loss of profits over time. Accurately measuring and tracking out of route versus route miles can keep your profits in your pocket by reducing travel related expenses on your fleet vehicles, extend the life of your assets, and ensures that your fleet drivers are following proper procedures for their times recorded on logs and on IFTA, mileage, and other variables. Once you have your baseline, you will be aware of which areas need improvement and be able to take the steps necessary to get you back on track.

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