Business Intelligence

Immediate competitive edge with true business intelligence

Configurable Dashboards and reports mean true Business Intelligence at the push of a button. The key is to have “Decision-Ready Data” at all times throughout your organization.

One of the areas that should see the biggest service improvement benefits of implementing a Telematics solution is your ability to service and maintain your existing customers as well as attracting new business.

As your business processes are all interrelated, they work together to provide you with data you need to turn into decisions  – the ability to optimize and or  improve service, but also to understand cost implications for any of your businesses’ activities related to mobile assets, field-staff and your asset maintenance. 

Telematics will provide you historic and real-time data you need to make cost and pricing decisions, substantiate and expedite your billing, optimize the use of your assets. This information touches everything from your dispatch, customer service, operational planning to fleet maintenance and any regulatory compliance you might be under.

With the PassTime Telematics solution you have UNLIMITED HISTORIC DATA accessible ONLINE to feed into your reports and dashboards. Include your on KPIs & business metrics, build your custom hierarchy levels & roll-ups and with it all compare sections and regions of your business comparing trends and performance.

You will be able to decide whether to offer new services as well as in competitive situations you’ll have the data to decide if you can afford the prospective business at hand.