Better Customer Service

We have the tools you need to support your customers

No matter what industry you are in, nowadays showing up at the right place and at the right time is a set expectation as part of the customer experience you simple need to offer. In fact in many cases service contracts come with SLA’s and time limits, and delivering to warehouses, cross-docks or picking up / delivering loads in ports come with tight docking windows. Failing to meet those commitments will not only cost you good will and cause an upset customer, but often hit hard in form of penalties to be paid.

Yet with tighter budgets, rising costs, traffic woes, driver shortages, organizations know how challenging it is to deliver on this promise each and every day.

And if something goes off schedule or is in jeopardy of doing so, at least with a Telematics solution implemented you will struggle less to contain the issue – find nearest vehicle is a matter of seconds. . The proverbial dot on the map for your vehicles enables that the driver of the vehicle and your in-house staff essentially work from the same information regarding time and location.

It is really your ability to provide outstanding customer service, timely deliveries and going the extra mile going that will allow your organizations to position itself as the high value provider against your competitors. And having both historic as well as real-time Telematics information at hand with let you evaluate new opportunities with a view to increase revenue, but doing so profitably and letting you gain market share and or expand to adjacent markets.

And by analyzing your customer’s behavior and requirements, you will also be able to include additional services that your organization might be able to offer – or develop.