Dashboards & Reporting

Decision ready data, created for you 

Using the 30+ standards reports or entirely create your own. Not only do we leave formatting and choices to you and your staff, but also allow you to run these reports against UNLIMITED HISTORIC DATA, all accessible in REAL-TIME. No need to download data on a weekly or monthly basis just so you can later on stich reporting together – like in many of the archaic, first generation Fleet Management systems.

Immediately view all of your important fleet information at a glance, such as fleets deliveries per driver, average fuel spend, drivers speeding most often or late arrivals to work. There are 30+ standard reports to choose from and numerous options to create limitless custom reports by simply using Excel.

Your end-users can customize their own daily landing page and dashboards – focusing on the data they really need to make immediate decisions, or follow KPI’s and trends.

And if you have users that just need decision support without logging into the Fleet Management solution, simply use the many Notification options and / or have ready made reports emailed to them.

Schedule your reports to be emailed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or "when needed" basis. With pro-active management, you can create custom rules for your drivers and receive instant updates through email and more.