Fleet Finance and Management

As a company operating in Fleet Finance and Management, your capital assets are deployed within your customers businesses. It is impertinent to maintain visibility to those assets and ensure they are being operated within the guidelines you have set. Beyond that though, as Fleet Management Company, you want to offer programs and services that not only help make you stand out versus competition, but also help your customer’s operations stand out.  Since really in the end their success and growth translates directly into increased business for your own enterprise.

With the PassTime Fleet solution, you will gain the facts and data to improve fleet uptime, execute preventative maintenance programs, cost-optimize parts and services delivery. Prioritize fleet vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults and other in-depth engine-derived information. 

By focusing on predictive engine health, you can help your customers realize savings by being pro-active and working with service technicians to pinpoint the core problem areas. The extensive vehicle diagnostics capabilities, providing real-time and historic data, will clearly help you  reduce road-side break-downs, ensure timely battery replacement, monitor fluid levels, to catching warning signs of possible issues before they turn into costly repairs. 

Beyond those services, you can offer significantly more - from helping your customers roll-out driver education and improvement programs to instituting Hours of Operation systems

  • Improve Customer service
    • Can your customers rely on your ETA
    • Can you accept load bookings and schedule them in real-time
    • Are you maximizing daily staff, vehicle and asset utilization
    • Are you able to optimize routes driven
  • Driver behavior
    • Interactive coaching with solid data in hand, available in-cab audible alerting
    • Fuel, Tires and Maintenance cost can be contained
    • Reduce your insurance and liability risk
    • We provide optional Driver ID buttons to easily identify who drove the vehicle
    • Protect your brand identity – aggressive driving and accidents get noticed – in a bad way
  • Fuelcard integration
    • Avoid fuel theft, control a top 3 operational cost item
  • Improve Staff safety & performance
    • Know which jobs they are on and how long it should take
    • Maintenance on vehicles reduces unexpected break-downs
    • Minimize Driver fatigue
  • Monitor vehicle mounted equipment
    • Support for Vulcan Weight on-board weight scales
    • Support for Valor Tire-Pressure monitoring
    • Support for Garnet Liquid Management
    • Inputs for many attachments such as lifts, cranes, winches, pumps, booms
    • File for fuel tax credits for non-over the road fuel use (PTO)