Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas

Mobile workers in resource industries, working in remote and hazardous conditions, are some of the most at risk – regardless of whether they work in a team or actually as lone-workers.

As a company you are not only responsible for the safety of your staff, but also usually held to high standards regarding the off-road areas, leases and land you are working in. 

Having real-time visibility and connectivity with your staff and equipment are paramount for your company’s safety reputation, maintaining operating licenses, credibility, brand and with it all taking care of the wellbeing of your in-field staff.

The PassTime Fleet Telematics system offers you a modular configuration for every vehicle and operational type. From Driver ID buttons to identify the crew going in a crew vehicle, to lone worker and man-down add-ons from Grace Industries, as well as optional always in coverage communication via the add-on Iridium Satellite modem for full cell/sat data communication. 

Of course for trucking operations, add the Hours of Service capabilities utilizing Android Smartphones and Tablets. You can tell us what you need to meet your operational and legislative goals. We’ll  configure and deliver the right solution.

  • Driver Behavior
    • Interactive coaching with solid data in hand, available in-cab audible alerting
    • Fuel, Tires and Maintenance cost can be contained
    • Reduce your insurance and liability risk
    • We provide optional Driver ID buttons to easily identify who drove the vehicle
    • Protect your brand identity – aggressive driving and accidents get noticed – in a bad way
  • Improve Staff safety & performance
    • Know which jobs they are on and how long it should take
    • Maintenance on vehicles reduces unexpected break-downs
    • Minimize Driver fatigue
  • Monitor vehicle mounted equipment
    • Support for Vulcan Weight on-board weight scales
    • Support for Valor Tire-Pressure monitoring
    • Support for Garnet Liquid Management
    • Inputs for many attachments such as lifts, cranes, winches, pumps, booms
    • File for fuel tax credits for non-over the road fuel use (PTO)
  • Improve Customer service
    • Can your customers rely on your ETA
    • Can you accept load bookings and schedule them in real-time
    • Are you maximizing daily staff, vehicle and asset utilization
    • Are you able to optimize routes driven
  • Fuelcard integration
    • Avoid fuel theft, control a top 3 operational cost item