Garmin Integration

Integrate dispatching tools to enhance your solution

With the plug & play ready integration to Garmin devices supporting Garmin’s FMI protocol the in-vehicle GPS devices are transformed into powerful messaging and dispatching tools.

You can send route information to the Garmin device which will automatically navigate drivers to the correct destination. Making it even easier to identify your drivers, you can also set driver statuses to ‘on the job’ when they arrive on site, and have the vehicle colors change on the map based on their status.

This solution is ideal for small and medium size fleets, as it allows communication between dispatch and driver – but without the inherent risks when using smartphones and email or text messaging, which can lead to distracted driving.

Not only can drivers simply accept the dispatch to the next location when entering the vehicle, but the Garmin device safely navigates them there (including optional use of real-time traffic up-dates). Once on location the device can use “auto-arrival” or otherwise the driver can mark the arrival at the destination.

Garmin HOS:

In addition through PassTime Fleet expansion technology that connects to   the GO6, you can add-on a Garmin dezl 560LMT or 760LMT device for driver dispatching and HOS compliance.  PassTime Fleet Finance and Telematics solutions help automate the processes.  Drivers log their HOS and status changes on the dezl device, which tracks driver activities and provides potential violoation alerts.  All HOS data from these devices is avaiable through the interface in real-time.

  • Truck Routing
  • Driver E-Logs
  • Road Speed Change Alerts + Advanced Sharp Turn Alerts
  • Stop Light Camera Warnings
  • Recorded Duty Status Changes
  • Drive and Duty Time Audits
  • Eliminates Form and Factor Violations
  • Organized Electronic Logs