With tough public budgets in recent years, the need for accountability and transparency has never been greater. Services like Streets and Sanitation, Parks, Road Maintenance, Winter Services and Waste Management are all in need of vehicles and crews working with them. Your constituents measure overall Government performance often based on the few things most visible to them, such as garbage pick-up but also especially Road and Winter Maintenance.

Yet with these tighter budgets, fleet and operations managers have to drive towards great efficiencies regardless if you are using in-house resources or contracting staff. You have to make sure everyone adheres to standard and policies, especially when using external resources working against specified contract deliverables.

With the PassTime Fleet Telematics System, as a government fleet manager, you’ll be in a position to meet high public demand for services while maintaining accountability of where your vehicles are and what drivers are doing with them. Optimize routes, decrease excessive idling, and reduce mileage. Ensure that your supervising staff has the tools to oversee contractors performance, deal with issues and complaints effectively.

We even offer Winter Maintenance integration into certain on-board spreader controllers, not only recording materials usage but also capturing other environmental sensor data. The virtually second by second reporting provides your dispatch staff information much needed when dealing with winter storms and bad weather. Capturing this historic information will help you analyse data and help prepare for next year’s budgets, as well as when out-sourcing, providing performance data measures that can be directly inserted into RFPs – ensuring you get maximum services for every dollar spend.

  • Improve Service Delivery
    • Can your constituents rely on published schedules and ETA’s
    • Deal with complaints and issues
    • Efficiently monitor contractors performances and services against requirements
    • Are you maximizing daily staff, vehicle and asset utilization
    • Can you accept work-orders and schedule them in real-time
    • Schedule the right crew and equipment for the job
    • Easily utilize Garmin Navigation devices as 2-way messaging and dispatch tool
    • Are you able to optimize routes driven
  • Improve Staff safety & performance
    • Know which jobs they are on and how long it should take
    • Maintenance on vehicles reduces unexpected break-downs
    • Driving gets your staff to the job-site, they still have to perform the work there
  • Driver behavior
    • Fuel, Tires and Maintenance cost can be contained
    • Reduce your insurance and liability risk
    • We provide optional Driver ID buttons to easily identify who drove the vehicle
    • Protect your brand identity – aggressive driving and accidents get noticed
  • Monitor vehicle mounted equipment
    • Inputs for many attachments such as lifts, cranes, winches, pumps, booms
    • File for fuel tax credits for non-over the road fuel use (PTO)
    • Provide “accountability reports”, document work performed / completed