Whatever your Industry, PassTime Fleet has the Solution for You

From trucking and transportation to service fleets to government vehicles and the oil & gas industry - PassTime Fleet Finance and Telematics has the hardware, software and experience to help you manage your fleet of any size, in any industry.

Concerned with your employee's Hours of Service and staying compliant with regulations?  Looking to monitor your fleet vehicles for preventative maintenance and care? Want to save on fuel costs? Focused on increasing efficiency with dispatch and driver routes?  Interested in combining navigation with fleet monitoring?  - Good.  We've got you covered.

Improve the safety and security of your employees & your vehicles 

  • Driver Behavior: Maximize your resources with interactive coaching, available in-cab alerting, easily identify unauthorized stops, trips and aggressive driving. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Monitor vehicle diagnostics to stay current on preventative care to avoid costly break-downs and repairs during jobs.  Cut down on fuel costs and vehicle millage through route optimization.   
  • Improve Customer service: Optimize your routes, offer accurate and consistent ETA's, have the knowledge you need to provide top tier service.  
  • Fuelcard integration: Avoid fuel theft and unauthorized trip usage