Lower Insurance Costs

Lower your insurance costs through safety, efficiency or even rebates

Regardless if your organization is self-insured or getting insurance via a provider, clearly driver behavior will have an impact on any cost associated with having sufficient coverage in place. And since this white paper is also focusing on the people element around Telematics – clearly having solid processes and procedures in place around safely operating company vehicles and equipment are very critical to your employees’ health. As noted introduction to this section already, not having policies and tools in place to ensure safe operation can dramatically backfire in cases of crashes and accidents.

With the increased awareness of Telematics Systems among North American Insurance providers, it is beneficial to have a conversation with your agent regarding whether or not there are possible premium benefits if you are willing to share anonymous driver behavior data with your provider.

Just like in the consumer space with teen-driving and defensive driver credits from providers such as Progressive Insurance – several insurance providers also offer premium reductions to commercial fleets when implementing a system and possibly sharing some of the data.

This goes to the ROI in several ways – from providing a safe operating environment for your employees to hard dollars in form of possible insurance discounts.