Productivity & Utilization

Raise productivity - you'll like the result

Any fleet, regardless of size, without a telematics solution has no visibility into how their most important assets are performing – vehicles and their mobile work-force alike.

In addition, its isn’t just your staff’s performance impacting operations, but also often your very own customers – where your employees might encounter delays in loading, unloading or performing service tasks for many reasons.

Having clarity and as much as possible automatic data collection around these issues allows you to deal with facts rather than letting guess-work back you into unsatisfying resolutions to problems. Instead the real-time data available will let you work with your staff and customers to remove bottlenecks and improve customer satisfaction.

But by having your Telematics system – you are also able to benefit from other supporting data sources the more advanced systems tie in – such as road traffic data, weather forecasts etc. Systems also allow your dispatchers to optimize routes based on time of day as well as vehicle attributes such as weight, height, width etc.

With a Telematics System implemented your front-line staff and management has an automated method of tracking and reporting on their fleet. Think about the many areas real-time information touches processes in your organization:

  • Dispatcher instantly know driver / service technician availability; including nearest vehicle able to respond
  • Your sales department able to prepare quotes based on historic information – what’s your road-mile minimum cost? Do you know how to charge more for rush-hour deliveries? What are your metrics and cost-structure?
  • How does operations know utilization of your vehicles and keeping just enough spares around to cover emergencies
  • Does your maintenance department know when to schedule vehicles into service – better yet with integration to vehicle diagnostics they could be proactively notified of a pending vehicle failure / enabled to triage a road-side brake down.

Enable selecting (and owning) the right vehicle for the right job – optimize matching vehicles to the loads you carry and the jobs you do for your customers.