Utilities, Cable & Telecom

Maximize dispatching for unmatched customer service

As a company operating mainly in either the Utility space, as Cable and or Telecommunications provider, your success and brand-equity is heavily weight and dependent on the efficiency and response of your overall customer service experience. The challenge is to provide superior quality and friendly service, yet doing so while keeping operational costs under control. Scheduling and dispatch of routine installations or maintenance have to run flawless; your staff is to show up at the customer site on time and with the right equipment. Where things really get tested though are your response times to unexpected breakdowns and outages. Prolonged unavailability of power, information and internet access put stress on consumers and could threaten your customer’s business survival.

With the PassTime Fleet Telematics system you can ensure you meet response times and yet optimize equipment and staff deployment while meeting operational efficiency targets.

  • Improve Customer service
    • Can you accept work-orders and schedule them in real-time
    • Schedule the right crew and equipment for the job
    • Can your customers rely on your ETA
    • Easily utilize Garmin Navigation devices as 2-way messaging and dispatch tool
    • Are you maximizing daily staff, vehicle and asset utilization
    • Are you able to optimize routes driven
  • Monitor vehicle mounted equipment
    • Inputs for many attachments such as lifts, cranes, winches, pumps, booms
    • File for fuel tax credits for non-over the road fuel use (PTO)
    • Provide “accountability reports”, document work performed / completed
  • Improve Staff safety & performance
    • Know which jobs they are on and how long it should take
    • Maintenance on vehicles reduces unexpected break-downs
    • Driving gets your staff to the job-site, they still have to perform the work there
  • Driver behavior
    • Fuel, Tires and Maintenance cost can be contained
    • Reduce your insurance and liability risk
    • We provide optional Driver ID buttons to easily identify who drove the vehicle
    • Protect your brand identity – aggressive driving and accidents get noticed