Vehicle Diagnostics / Fleet Maintenance

Comprehensive vehicle diagnostics help keep your fleet on the road

Typical maintenance programs run based on vehicle mileage intervals, other motorized assets such as construction equipment by engine hours. Other ways to catch developing deficiencies is using the data pre- and post-trip inspection reports provided by the drivers.

Clearly the desire is to catch issues early when repairs are cheaper and avoiding the need to have vehicles out of commission for extended periods of time. DOS – Days out of Service cost can get as high as $600 per day for a class 7 or 8 truck.

Connecting the tracking device to the vehicles’ diagnostics bus – essentially a serial communication between the various engine computers – can allow the system to capture trouble codes and therefore issues in real-time. A lot of times trouble codes can get captured before even triggering the actual “check engine” light in the vehicle itself – drivers can get notified before major issues develop. If there is something wrong with the vehicle such as over-heating – it doesn’t have to get to the point where the engine is put at risk for extensive damage and repairs.

Adding the vehicle diagnostics option to a Telematics solution which enhances communication, can save technicians time and allow them to get repairs done faster. In some cases advanced systems essentially enable a “virtual technician” functionality, where fault-codes get automatically interpreted and suggested repairs / triage node provided to a call center based technician who can then make a determination how critical the problem might be – or might become, unless swift action is taken.

  • Impact on vehicle maintenance – reduce down-time
  • Ability to triage vehicle break-downs and lessen customer impact
  • Ensure the system you chose is acceptable to the manufacturers and dealers of the vehicle you have in your fleet