Vocational & Service Fleets

HVAC, Landingscaping, Office Equipment, Building & Construction

If your company specializes in HVAC, Landscaping, Pest Control, Building & Construction, Tow-Operator, Office Equipment repair or similar services, there are several key benefits from implementing the PassTime Fleet Telematics system. 

  • Improve Customer service
    • Can your customers rely on your ETA
    • Easily utilize Garmin Navigation devices as 2-way messaging and dispatch tool
    • Can you accept work-orders and schedule them in real-time
    • Are you maximizing daily staff, vehicle and asset utilization
    • Schedule the right crew and equipment for the job
    • Are you able to optimize routes driven
  • Driver Behavior 
    • Fuel, Tires and Maintenance cost can be contained
    • Reduce your insurance and liability risk
    • We provide optional Driver ID buttons to easily identify who drove the vehicle
    • Protect your brand identity – aggressive driving and accidents get noticed 
  • Improve Staff safety & performance
    • Know which jobs they are on and how long it should take
    • Maintenance on vehicles reduces unexpected break-downs
    • Driving gets your staff to the job-site, they still have to perform the work there
  • Monitor vehicle mounted equipment
    • Inputs for many attachments such as lifts, cranes, winches, pumps, booms
    • File for fuel tax credits for non-over the road fuel use (PTO)
    • Provide “accountability reports”, document work performed / completed